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Cochranites, like most Canadians, spend much of their time and energy working to service the costs of food, shelter, and transportation. Through our planned innovative community greenhouse hub, we’ll model, demonstrate and provide effective solutions for citizens to ease the burden of these expenses and live more fun, empowered and connected lives. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower citizens to grow food in our challenging climate, improve health and lifestyle while spending less, and connect more deeply to place and community. We want to help people design a lifestyle of their choosing all based around a key necessity of life: food.

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We are so much more than a greenhouse! We are a community gathering hub where people connect, share and learn through food. Help us grow Cochrane into a sustainable future with practical solutions that build community, enhance lifestyle and honour the earth.
— Samantha Chrysanthou, President of Cultivate Cochrane
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What we do and Provide

●     Model innovative passive solar design as a sustainable way to extend our growing season (Cochrane is especially suited to using passive solar gain in building design).

●     Solve people’s needs for a gathering hub to come together to learn, share and experience.

●     Help people learn to grow, prep and preserve food in Cochrane’s climate.

●     Provide robust, experiential education programming (“life hacks”) dealing with food, health, transportation and housing all designed to save people time and money while building community in an environmentally sustainable way.

●     Create outreach to help people build effective gardens and small satellite greenhouses in their community and/or yards.

●     Partner with local smart tech companies to use technology for monitoring and running of greenhouse systems.

●     Provide a commercial kitchen for community events.

●     Create outdoor garden and green spaces for community enjoyment.

●     Adopt systems for future resiliency like extensive rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling for the greenhouse needs, use innovative permaculture garden design, incorporate vermiculture composting, and utilize solar technologies.

●     Act as a business incubator to help green/food/agriculture businesses start and stay in Cochrane.

●     Provide inspiring gathering spaces (meeting rooms, atrium, café) for community and education groups.

●     Ease the impact of Cochrane’s long winters by offering the community a bright, warm, plant-filled space.

●     Serve as a site of adaptation and innovation, testing the boundaries of what can be grown in Cochrane.

●     Meet the need for fresh food locally – food grown by the community for the community (food bank, senior and youth groups, restaurants, low income families, schools).

●     Provide inspiration for other communities to model our success.