Our mentors are community leaders and experts in their fields. They offer their time and knowledge to the greenhouse hub to help build community and provide solutions to the struggles we all face. We are excited to partner with these amazing people!

Our Community Mentors

It takes a village to raise a greenhouse! Our mentors share their diverse skills and interests, connecting with like-minded citizens committed to growing a strong, resilient community. From gardening in a challenging climate to the nuts and bolts of building a passive solar greenhouse, local experts are a key component of how we reach our goals.

Benefits to Community Mentors

Visibility, knowledge-sharing and connection are key benefits to our community mentors. What you do is valuable, but it can be a challenge to reach interested people. The greenhouse provides one avenue for you to connect with like-minded citizens while enriching the fabric of the community.

 Benefits to the Greenhouse and Cochrane Community

We are stronger together. By pooling our resources and skills, we create a vibrant web of mutual benefits with greater impact than what can be achieved individually.

Mentors - Coming Soon!

Become a Mentor

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